Education in Asia

Sunday, March 1, 2015
Recent education research in Asia has conducted multiple studies on students study habits.  For example South Korea and Japan have a higher suicidal rate, ranking at number 3 South Korea with an average of 28.5 people dead per year and japan at number 7 for 20.7 people per year.
this list of suicidal rates here ------>

I will be explaining why I think japan has such a high rate of suicide and this is my own personal opinion and should not be taken to heart. Decades ago Japan had many different customs and beliefs that are different from ours today. Many of the beliefs back in the day would be killing one self would be considered honorable and respectful. In japan today  it is a little different. Killing ones self in this generation would not be promoted and the government is trying to keep the people from killing themselves also. In today's society people have three parts to them in japan. One is the way someone would act towards a stranger, the second would be how they act towards family and friends. and the third would be the problems they have and how they will have to face it because finding help about their problem and asking for help would be strange.  For example if a student were to have trouble with their education then they will have to try and either solve it themselves or get over it. many things would branch from the 3rd part of them. For example education can lead to stress and stress would lead to depression and that depression can lead to self harm or suicide. Many people in japan would not just kill themselves off the bat since they would feel guilt for leaving their family but if they were to have a friend to die with them, which is considered a suicidal pact then the guilt will lessen and will be easier for them to kill oneself. In my opinion I would feel like education would be one of the big reasons that the death rate is so high, Education and bullying.

on my next post I will try to explain my opinion on South Koreas death rate.

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