Anticipated arrival of the educational system

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Hey guys , 
So today was the first day in a while that I had math science and English because of all the snow days that has been going on. So today was a fairly bad but not terrible day. I started off by going to class in the morning and finishing up my assignment. Later on that day I went into math class expecting to write down notes not expecting a test or quiz since we haven't been in math for a good 3 weeks so I was freaking out and wasn't sure to do. Finally I just manned up and took the test and got a D on it, which is terrible even if I'm a senior and about to be heading off to community college. I honestly don't understand the education system in the area I live in or how I'd decided everything, but it needs an upgrade. Many of the vending machine that students go to are filled with diet or flavored carbonated drinks which really pisses me off because the school system try's to improve the school by promoting health but to be honest we can just save the dollar we were going to use at school and just go to mcdonalds or anyother places that sells soda for a buck or two. After math my day got somewhat better as in nothing really happened which is a good thing for me because I don't like drama or anything. The only time I get into drama is because of my family and how they care about my education. Is it weird that I don't want to study or anything for my last year of high school ? My family want me to have an a/bhonor roll on my diploma which I think is totall bullshit because all my family thinks about is title and what makes them look good and to be blunt I can care less about those petty little stickers or awards people get with their diploma. It's like yay good job now shut up and sit down. 
Sorry guys about the ranting it really was annoying today and I couldn't hold it in anymore. The education here stinks even though it's consisted one of the best. We might have the money for it too but the school is so Jewish about it they can't even feed the students correctly 

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