At work

Sunday, August 11, 2013
       Alright guys so if you did not realize i work at a salon like a typical viet i am, so what im going to tell you right now is how some people come in the salon. Many people here are usually is white and they are always coming in and out of the salon all the time but today it was a little different, there was a group of teenage american girl you know the typical ones that you would find on any t.v show, but when they came in they had the oddest look on their faces, they acted like it was shocking seeing a salon full of asians doing nails and hair... maybe their just ignorant or something but people like this really gets to me and make me wonder what is with the world today? Are people actually that stupid or what?


  1. Asians have steady hands so work great in salons. My GF will only see Asians as they do the best work!

    1. That is good to know, but im pretty sure almost 90% of salons are Asians so your girlfriend should pretty much be able to go anywhere. :)


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