That new girl

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
She is an amazing friend <3 she soo awk and cute lolsss
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Life in an Asian Household

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Many of you here reading this might know that as an Asian teenager there are many rules that must be abide by especially when the older family members ask you something. For what I am going to explain right now is the rules of an Asian household


  • Clean the dishes
  • Respect all elders
  • do not complain
  • do not argue
  • watch siblings
  • cook (depends on the family)
  • get moderate grades( as in straight A's and B's) 
  • Study
  • No Bf/GF
  • No friends of the opposite gender
  • No sex

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Crack of jacks

Sunday, December 15, 2013
my life.
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If you are a true asian

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Every true Asian knows that to be an Asian you have to have a Tumblr/Instagram/Vine
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Transfer student

Saturday, December 7, 2013
I just found out that there was a new transfer student in out school. I made friends with her and things just escalated way too quickly. I never thought in believing love at first sight but she changed my mind and my heart skips a beat every time i just think of her and she is just so so perfect... She made an assumption of me already liking her, she made such an accurate guess I just couldn't do anything but retaliate with a joke and a bet of first person to fall for the other person loses, I am so Fucked. I'm slowly falling for her since the first day. I'm on Tumblr posting stuff and listening to music and everything is reminding me of her fuck this.
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Break ups and get backs

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
So, recently I had just gotten out of a relationship and back in and out, yes It is pretty dumb and blatantly clear it was not going to work but then again I just wished it did. Life doesn't go the way people want it to but you know...  I sometime wished it did because maybe, if I never have met her I would of never liked her like I do now and even thought we are through I miss her.. and it pains me to see her with other guys even though they are just friends.
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Rant Of the day

Monday, October 28, 2013
Hey, guys so.... I just got into a relationship with this amazing girl and I'm just crazy bout her and most of her friends approve.. except for one..I just don't know what to do she seems so influence by that one person.. but I feel like she is trying break us up and I'm clueless. she is so paranoid and worried i wished she just stopped and calm down.Because I'm not like I use to be I do like her a lot. sorry for my ranting so for the whether today it is cold as fuck.
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English class assignment

Saturday, September 14, 2013
So on Friday my whole class went into a computer lab and had a report due about what annoys us the most, and this is what I wrote i hope you enjoy it.

Stupidity in Society Today
What annoys me the most are the new generation of children and teens growing  up these days. A few months ago on July 4, 2013, I just came home from the gym and I typically follow my normal routine, and that is throwing all my clothes into the laundry basket and head into the shower to take a nice cool shower. Afterwards I usually get dressed and go straight to my computer to check my Email, Blog, and Social media sites. What I didn't expect  to see was a new follower, following my blog. I was mildly confused, for many reasons, but the main reason was that I only get an average of four to five viewers a day on it and rarely any followers, so I was interested to see who this person was. The first thing I see on her profile is a picture of herself, she had pink long extensions coming out of her hair and wearing a leather jacket.When I went onto her blog, it was similar to mine, since we are both writing about how our days were and how we feel, so I was fine and didn't expect anything too crazy. But what shocked me was what she had written for a description of herself. She started out by introducing herself and saying what she believes in and how old she was, but after that she started to use slang and curse words that I have never expected a teen her age would say . Now she starts going off about this pop star Justin Bieber, keep in mind she is fourteen. After talking about herself, I was done reading, not that I could of kept reading and understood what she had wrote, since the way she typed was similar to my baby brother, she would use zeros for o’s and anything she can fit to make words seem like words, except for the actual letters, like how she would spell dudes, but instead of spelling it normally she would write it like duudz . At this point I just tried to pull all my thoughts together and think ok, she is a young teenager probably in middle school trying to seem cool, and she likes Justin Bieber. What tipped me off a bit was the last sentence she wrote. What she had written put me off edge was “I am a vegan, and my favorite food is bacon.” I don’t know if she was joking about everything she had written about herself or if she is just very ignorant.

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Some heads up

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Alright so some of you guys have notice that I haven't been posting the regular racist stereotypical stuff I usually do, because I decided to turn this blog to a diary and some of you are prob like what the actual fuck? a diary? Well yea I am, this is something just to calm myself down from everything since school, and the typical teenager stuff. I will be posting some interesting stuff like I have before but now this blog is mainly going to be about my life like how it was intended to be.
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Love and hate

Sunday, August 18, 2013
   Alright guys, so I been trying to push this off for as long as I could, but It was going to happen anyways. Today I am going to make a blog about my love life. How should i start this? I am a pretty bad writer so I'm just going start by saying this, I am a flirtatious teenager, I am those teenagers that Fathers are scared to let their daughters date because they know too well that It is going to end badly. I wasn't always like this what people call a flirt or player, but there are reasons why I am like this, I cannot say that all teenagers who date a lot are the same or have same motives because i wasn't a flirt right off the bat but it happened over time and the drama that affects us. The reasons i suspect that teens date a lot is because of the way they grew up because when we start to get their first girlfriend or boyfriend and they are so in love and never want to lose them, but everyone feels like that, they are in love with that first person their with and i don't blame them. But when they break up one of the two are probably sobbing their eyes out and everyone around them are going to feel bad for her. Now this is the important part. Everyone around her will start saying "hey you don't need him/her there are always more fish in the sea or he/she wasn't good enough for you It's fine. Ok so this is where people start to get the idea its fine to keep dating and not needing to worry because there is always someone else. That right there is my idea on how teens are alright with the idea of dating multiple times, but i could be wrong also because there could always be different reasons like the one I am going to tell you now which is about me. Before eighth grade I was a real push over, and i was those really studious Asian kids who didn't really care about much and I was also a wimp back then. Now this is where it gets interesting, a year pass and now I am going to eighth grade i did not really care about it that time but then my family told me we were moving so for eighth grade I went to this really interesting school I was exposed to kids who did drugs, homosexual and so on, but at that time I was shocked because I thought those were just on t.v and one of my first friends were a drug user and I learned about so many different things, like how to get girls and build up my confidence and to stay away from certain people unless i want to get hurt. By the forth month in school I finally got to know this girl and we ended up dating, By that time i pretty much knew everything about the school and neighborhood I lived in but since she was my first girlfriend I didn't know how to act talk or anything, her name was Monique and she was those athletic types and I was still a little chubby back then so I was still having problems building up my self a steam back then so I was afraid to lose my first girlfriend so i wasn't sure what I was doing back then, but I knew I was pretty stupid for the things I've done like accusing her for things she didn't do or thought, i was a very naive back then and thought she would leave me for her best guy friend but after two to three weeks we stopped talking and ended It but when valentines day came I had no one obviously and  without a doubt Monique best guy friend ask her out but not that I was surprised. Now most of you might be wondering where am i going with this story? Well I'll just tell you and skip the story and get to the end. after Monique i wanted to make things right when i get a new girlfriend, when I finally got myself another girlfriend, now that was in the summer where i started to actually tried not to piss my pants talking to a girl. this girl was as beautiful as a bouquet of roses. Sorry i started rambling again so what I am trying to say is that I dated many girls and there are always some little thing that gets in between them and me. It's mainly my fault for not trying harder and my stupidity for it but sometimes when i see one of my ex's I get this ich on my chest and i start to feel like someone just stuck thirty pound weights on to me out of no where. The reason that I dated so many is because i simply gave up on long relationships because i know its not going to last long so i been trying to just ignore that fact and kept going, i honestly just lost hope for a long term. Well that's my story and for whoever read all of this I just wanted to say thank you for listening to my story.
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Boredom at home

Monday, August 12, 2013
So..... nothing much to do today still summer, dying in the heat and playing games.And about my old post about every Asian playing Starcraft now well many Starcraft player has been transferring to league of legends now, since it is easier the only problem i have with the game is the community, the community is very bad and one of the worse i have ever seen, but the game itself is pretty fun.
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At work

Sunday, August 11, 2013
       Alright guys so if you did not realize i work at a salon like a typical viet i am, so what im going to tell you right now is how some people come in the salon. Many people here are usually is white and they are always coming in and out of the salon all the time but today it was a little different, there was a group of teenage american girl you know the typical ones that you would find on any t.v show, but when they came in they had the oddest look on their faces, they acted like it was shocking seeing a salon full of asians doing nails and hair... maybe their just ignorant or something but people like this really gets to me and make me wonder what is with the world today? Are people actually that stupid or what?
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A little break...

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Hey guys sorry about the break i took without telling anyone... but i promise i will keep on posting mainly because I'm Asian obviously and i love being a teen and i love to see everyone that comments on my posts, and you guys are all hella awesome!
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