Friday, April 6, 2012
When Asian kids grow up they give there family money, because they raised us up and gave us money too, and that is why regular american family are different from regular Asian family's.
And now i see on the street Asians with no style???? why?????
why cant i see clean good looking Asians that dress nice i see them dress as bums now they should dress like this!


  1. I am not a big fan of this logic. See, we are just social animals, after 18 we should behave like adults and not take money from parents instead build our own life, raise kids with respect and love and train them to stand on own legs and then enjoy our life with our partner with the money we saved.
    Instead Indian lifestyle is like, parents alltime raise you as if you are another coconut tree or cow and everything they do to you isn't their responsibility but debt, and expect you to repay with effort, money and also expect your wife from different family to be their slave too.

  2. Because they are FOB and dont have enough american money to get out of the farmer clothes and buy cool ghetoo style bboy clothing in america yet. !


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