Educational success in Asia

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Why are Asian countries such solid instruction entertainers? Analysts and policymakers are posing this question as understudies in East Asia and Singapore beat Western partners in universal tests and other global correlations. While culture positively assumes a part, these nations' training frameworks impart some other normal variables, including an accentuation on instructor quality, which could illuminate change endeavors somewhere else.

Shanghai got features in 2009 when its 15-year-olds scored first in the Project for Universal Understudy Evaluation, or PISA. Different parts of Asia weren't a long ways behind, with South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan all positioning among the top.

The last likewise take four of the main five spots in the Worldwide Record of Cognitive Aptitudes and Instructive Fullfillment, which analyzes the instructive execution of 39 nations and Hong Kong. As indicated by the Record, which joins cognitive aptitudes in perusing, maths and science, alongside proficiency and graduation rates, South Korea positions second, after Finland, took after by Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.
Top performers – Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment

The high caliber of instructors is an alternate key purpose behind these nations' solid execution. Educators appreciate regarded status in numerous Asian nations, so the division has a tendency to draw in solid ability. Pretty much as imperative, the training frameworks give "genuine profession prospects" for educators, says Andreas Schleicher, representative chief for instruction at the OECD (Association for Monetary Collaboration and Improvement), which oversees PISA. "Instructors all that much tackle an expert stance."
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The College I wanted to go to

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Hey guys so I got denied going to the college I really wanted to go to. and the college I applied to was George Mason. I am here to explain why I want to go to that University even though I got denied. As a large, public analysis establishment within the heart of northern Virginia’s technology passageway, simply minutes from downtown Washington, D.C., Mason students gain unique tutorial and career blessings. Virginia’s State Council of upper Education placed Mason at the highest of the list of Virginia faculties for highest average beginning remuneration of its graduates, creating Mason a sensible investment for your children's future.

I wanted to go to this college because it has a very nice educational system which interested me very much. the main academic course I wanted to attend was their cyber security course because I am looking towards that for my long term goal as i am just a senior in high school now. I know what I want to do compared to the other smart children but unsure students out there.
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Anticipated arrival of the educational system

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Hey guys , 
So today was the first day in a while that I had math science and English because of all the snow days that has been going on. So today was a fairly bad but not terrible day. I started off by going to class in the morning and finishing up my assignment. Later on that day I went into math class expecting to write down notes not expecting a test or quiz since we haven't been in math for a good 3 weeks so I was freaking out and wasn't sure to do. Finally I just manned up and took the test and got a D on it, which is terrible even if I'm a senior and about to be heading off to community college. I honestly don't understand the education system in the area I live in or how I'd decided everything, but it needs an upgrade. Many of the vending machine that students go to are filled with diet or flavored carbonated drinks which really pisses me off because the school system try's to improve the school by promoting health but to be honest we can just save the dollar we were going to use at school and just go to mcdonalds or anyother places that sells soda for a buck or two. After math my day got somewhat better as in nothing really happened which is a good thing for me because I don't like drama or anything. The only time I get into drama is because of my family and how they care about my education. Is it weird that I don't want to study or anything for my last year of high school ? My family want me to have an a/bhonor roll on my diploma which I think is totall bullshit because all my family thinks about is title and what makes them look good and to be blunt I can care less about those petty little stickers or awards people get with their diploma. It's like yay good job now shut up and sit down. 
Sorry guys about the ranting it really was annoying today and I couldn't hold it in anymore. The education here stinks even though it's consisted one of the best. We might have the money for it too but the school is so Jewish about it they can't even feed the students correctly 
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What I'm up to right now

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Hey guys, josh here
So right now I am gong to start my training as a host and I hope it goes well, day one out of seven.  Once I start I am going to start studying the menu since I have to memorize everything.  Even when I'm not in school education matters… some of you might ask what you mean by education, well I have to educate my self in the food and what is in the different type of dishes we serve. I also have to learn all of the drinks we serve, the taste of it and which are wine/vodka and etc. even though I'm not 21 I think it will be good to know for future references. I hope you guys and girls wish me good luck!!! Thanks talk to you later!
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Education in Asia

Sunday, March 1, 2015
Recent education research in Asia has conducted multiple studies on students study habits.  For example South Korea and Japan have a higher suicidal rate, ranking at number 3 South Korea with an average of 28.5 people dead per year and japan at number 7 for 20.7 people per year.
this list of suicidal rates here ------>

I will be explaining why I think japan has such a high rate of suicide and this is my own personal opinion and should not be taken to heart. Decades ago Japan had many different customs and beliefs that are different from ours today. Many of the beliefs back in the day would be killing one self would be considered honorable and respectful. In japan today  it is a little different. Killing ones self in this generation would not be promoted and the government is trying to keep the people from killing themselves also. In today's society people have three parts to them in japan. One is the way someone would act towards a stranger, the second would be how they act towards family and friends. and the third would be the problems they have and how they will have to face it because finding help about their problem and asking for help would be strange.  For example if a student were to have trouble with their education then they will have to try and either solve it themselves or get over it. many things would branch from the 3rd part of them. For example education can lead to stress and stress would lead to depression and that depression can lead to self harm or suicide. Many people in japan would not just kill themselves off the bat since they would feel guilt for leaving their family but if they were to have a friend to die with them, which is considered a suicidal pact then the guilt will lessen and will be easier for them to kill oneself. In my opinion I would feel like education would be one of the big reasons that the death rate is so high, Education and bullying.

on my next post I will try to explain my opinion on South Koreas death rate.
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Saturday, February 28, 2015
so guys today I find out I might get to be a server soon because I am currently a host, and I cannot wait to start! i got this!!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015
hey guys, so today was a good day. It snowed for a couple hours in the morning which made the school county to close today. Since I didn't go to school I went off with my family to d.c since they stayed home today expecting heavy snow.  In D.C we went to a restaurant called hot and juicy crawl fish. The restaurant was pretty good and it was actually juicy and hot like the name says it to be.
I ate two pounds of crawl fish and felt as though I could eat a little more than I did.
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Life as It is now

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Hey guys its Josh again, and I am here to explain how my is going on so far for my last year of High School, High School is almost over and I have four to five months left until graduation. Ever since the beginning of September the first day of class, I knew it was going to be a good one because I get to see my favorite teacher again and there were two pretty girls which one of them I am currently dating atm ;). So far for these past couple months I have been really relaxed and having fun since it is my senior year and I think I deserve a break. I am relaxing a lot but not til the point where my grades will be failing. I will also be studying to get my MSCE, CCNA and A+ since I will be looking for a job in the IT field.

that's all I got for now come again :)
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My Tumblr

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Hey guys, I was wondering how many of you use tumblr? I was wondering if you guys would follow me <3 I would really appreciate it.
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Coming Back from a long break

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Hey everyone I was wondering how you were doing? I been really tired and stress and haven't been able to post anything for a while now. I am sincerely sorry and will start posting for news on what is going on with my life.
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