Life of a typical Asian teenager

Friday, April 6, 2012
Every Asian is required to get the straight A's, No matter what!!! if you don't then your parents are going to whip you with a belt!.

or hand in this photo........

Every Korean kid or adult plays sc2 no matter how old they are,its a job!!!

All Asians and i mean all Asians must eat rice/noodles!!! no matter what,doesn't matter if your allergic to it or something you have to keep eating it!!!

and here is a perfect example on how Asian parents are different from normal American parents.

Every single White kid ,Asian kid,black kid out there i see all of them are stupid but you know why the Asian kid is the smartest? Well that is because we stay home study, we don't even have a life!
But the White kids they hang out all day smoke weed and all of that and Black kids????? don't get me started they just shoot people, rob money and eat watermelon all day.

Most Asians can sing and i mean most because if you think about it people from America thing of us Asians singing  like this

But in reality we actually sing better then mostly any race out there.
also dance really dam well too.

But some of you might think Asian girls don't know how to move there ass or body or anything but a lot do and some that do are the cutest of the cute .

Ok for this video i want you to just look at how they move not what there saying because i doubt any of you that are reading this can understand a word there saying at all.


  1. I agree with this post. To me Asians dance better than any other race and can sing well too. And come on, their skin and ass and slim body can make anyone watch them all day. How come Sumo guys get to be fat and I never get to see fat asians in normal life?

  2. two words - william hung (meandmythinkingcap)

    1. Thank you voice. I didn't know that guy till now.
      LOL. So, Asians do exist in all flavors , I learnt something today and I thank you for that.

  3. I was laughing for days at tutz my barreh.

    Also, asians are really the best at everythig so it's no suprise that they can be hardworkers at singing and dancing too. Just not all of them. Americans have good voices too, just not all of them.

  4. Asians are all autotune dude!


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