English class assignment

Saturday, September 14, 2013
So on Friday my whole class went into a computer lab and had a report due about what annoys us the most, and this is what I wrote i hope you enjoy it.

Stupidity in Society Today
What annoys me the most are the new generation of children and teens growing  up these days. A few months ago on July 4, 2013, I just came home from the gym and I typically follow my normal routine, and that is throwing all my clothes into the laundry basket and head into the shower to take a nice cool shower. Afterwards I usually get dressed and go straight to my computer to check my Email, Blog, and Social media sites. What I didn't expect  to see was a new follower, following my blog. I was mildly confused, for many reasons, but the main reason was that I only get an average of four to five viewers a day on it and rarely any followers, so I was interested to see who this person was. The first thing I see on her profile is a picture of herself, she had pink long extensions coming out of her hair and wearing a leather jacket.When I went onto her blog, it was similar to mine, since we are both writing about how our days were and how we feel, so I was fine and didn't expect anything too crazy. But what shocked me was what she had written for a description of herself. She started out by introducing herself and saying what she believes in and how old she was, but after that she started to use slang and curse words that I have never expected a teen her age would say . Now she starts going off about this pop star Justin Bieber, keep in mind she is fourteen. After talking about herself, I was done reading, not that I could of kept reading and understood what she had wrote, since the way she typed was similar to my baby brother, she would use zeros for o’s and anything she can fit to make words seem like words, except for the actual letters, like how she would spell dudes, but instead of spelling it normally she would write it like duudz . At this point I just tried to pull all my thoughts together and think ok, she is a young teenager probably in middle school trying to seem cool, and she likes Justin Bieber. What tipped me off a bit was the last sentence she wrote. What she had written put me off edge was “I am a vegan, and my favorite food is bacon.” I don’t know if she was joking about everything she had written about herself or if she is just very ignorant.

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